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Family Counseling: A Guide for Professionals




Abigail Hardy


States Academic Press



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Vocational Education, Skill Development and Career Planning - Vocational Education


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Family relationships are important for psychological health. Family counseling is a branch of psychotherapy. Family counselors work with families and couples to nurture change and development. When problems develop within families or among couples, counseling can help them to resolve marital problems, overcome challenges, and resolve issues such as anxiety, depression, etc. Adoption counseling ensures positive outcomes with adopted children and teens, and their proper integration in the family. A family therapist should be able to influence conversations such that mutual strengths and support are enhanced. A wide range of counseling techniques are used such as structural and strategic therapy, narrative therapy, transgenerational therapy, communication theory, reality therapy, genogram, etc. Therapy interventions focus on relationship patterns instead of analyzing childhood traumas or the impulses of the unconscious mind. This book elucidates the principles and techniques of family counseling in a holistic manner. While understanding the long-term perspectives of the topics, the book makes an effort in highlighting their impact as a modern tool for the development of stronger familial relationships and resolution of disputes. It is a complete source of knowledge on the present status of this important field.