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World Mythology: A Comprehensive Approach




Selena Ellison



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Philosophy and Religion - Religion


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Myths are the folklore which includes stories and narratives that play an important role in the society. It is referred to as the collection of sacred narratives and stories. The study of myths in general or a body of myths relating to a particular subject is known as mythology. Hindu mythology, lusitanian mythology, roman mythology, greek mythology and christian mythology are some of the important mythologies around the world. It refers to the stories that tell us how the world and humanity evolved into their present form. It also explains the fundamental worldview of a culture by delineating social and psychological practices of a society. Gods, supernatural humans or demigods are the central characters of this body of study. This field can be divided based upon time period and religion. This book unfolds the innovative aspects of this field which will be crucial for the holistic understanding of the subject matter. It presents the complex subject of mythology in the most comprehensible and easy to understand language. This book, with its detailed analyzes and data, will prove immensely beneficial to professionals and students involved in this area at various levels.