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Key Concepts in Geomorphology




Daniel Hunter



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The branch of science which is concerned with the origin and evolution of various landscapes on earth is known as geomorphology. This includes the study of various chemical, physical and biological processes on Earth like air, ice and water, and their effects on the formation of topographic and bathymetric features. Geomorphology maps the distribution of different types of landforms such as sand dunes, glaciers, etc. Some of the important processes that are studied under this discipline are Aeolian processes, biological processes, fluvial processes, glacial processes, igneous processes, hillslope processes and tectonic processes. The subject of geomorphology often overlaps with various other fields like glaciology, civil engineering, environmental engineering, sedimentology, etc. It finds extensive application in a wide variety of areas such as river control, stream restoration, hazard assessment and coastal protection. This book is a valuable compilation of topics, ranging from the basic to the most complex theories and principles in the field of geomorphology. It studies, analyses and uphold the pillars of geomorphology and its utmost significance in modern times. The book is appropriate for those seeking detailed information in this area.