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Roots of the Language: An Elementary Guide




Bianca James



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Language, Literature and Linguistics - Language and Linguistics


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Language is the manifestation of human communication through which knowledge, belief and behavior can be experienced, explained and shared. The essence of language is embedded in the very essence of life. Most of the thousands of spoken languages in the world can be traced back in history to demonstrate how they are related to each other. Language families are used to arrange various sets of languages together. Indo-European, Sino-Tibetan and Afro-Asiatic are the three main language families. Indo-European is the biggest language family, followed by Sino-Tibetan and finally Afro-Asiatic. This book provides significant information of this discipline to help develop a good understanding of the history of languages and related fields. Some of the diverse topics covered here address the various branches of different language families. This book is an essential guide for both academicians and those who wish to pursue this discipline further.