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Contemporary Trends in Health Development: A Lifespan Perspective




Hardy Lopez



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Medical Science - Health Care


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The continuous and progressive improvement in the health status of a population is termed as health development. It involves borrowing concepts from economics and social development studies, and applying them to health systems. Life course health development is a framework which deals with several fields and organizes their research in order to show how population and individual health develops. It also portrays the ways in which interactions among biological and environmental factors during the lifetime determine developmental trajectories. This approach helps in understanding the impact of experiences in early years of an individual on the functional status and health conditions in later life. It analyzes the connection between the biology of development and the experiences, and helps in understanding furthering knowledge of how diseases occur. This book includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on various topics related to health development from a lifespan perspective. It will also provide interesting topics for research which interested readers can take up. This book will serve as a reference to a broad spectrum of readers.