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Computational Linguistics: An Introduction




Chloe Barnes



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Language, Literature and Linguistics - Language and Linguistics


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The field of science concerned with the computational modeling of natural language is referred to as computational linguistics. It is an inter-disciplinary field which draws upon the principles of computer science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology and anthropology. It also focuses on building artifacts which are useful in processing and producing language. The sub fields of computational linguistics are theoretical computational linguistics and applied computational linguistics. The key objectives of computational linguistics involve the formulation of grammatical and semantic frameworks for characterizing languages. Various approaches used for research in this field encompass developmental approaches, structural approaches, production approaches and comprehension approaches. This book is a valuable compilation of topics, ranging from the basic to the most complex theories and principles in the field of computational linguistics. Most of the topics introduced herein cover new techniques and the applications of this field. For someone with an interest and eye for detail, this book covers the most significant topics in the field of computational linguistics.