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An Athletic Trainer's Guide to Success




Nicolas Baldwin


States Academic Press



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Vocational Education, Skill Development and Career Planning - Vocational Education


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An athletic trainer is a licensed and certified professional who works in the field of sports training and coaching. The roles and responsibilities of an athletic trainer are manifold. These encompass the prevention and treatment of bone and muscle injuries, management of rehabilitation programs, creation of exercise, training and fitness modules, and the organization of various training programs. An athlete is susceptible to a range of injuries from a sprained ankle and injured toe to tennis elbow and dislocated shoulder. Athletic trainers are responsible for the management of such injuries and ensuring quick recovery. They devise extensive training programs, which incorporate diverse exercises for fitness, speed and stamina, such as squats, jumps, stamina building exercises, warm up and cool down exercises, stretching exercises, etc. to build strength and agility to give athletes a competitive advantage. Athletic trainers also coach young athletes and prepare them for diverse sports. They are employed in schools, universities and professional sports teams. This textbook provides comprehensive insights into the field of athletic training. Also included herein is a detailed explanation of the diverse careers and specializations of this field. It aims to serve as an athletic trainer's guide to a successful career.