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Industrial Automation: Systems and Engineering




Geoffrey Williamson



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Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Engineering


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Industrial automation is the technology which uses diverse control systems for handling different industrial processes and machineries with minimal human assistance. It facilitates production by increasing product quality, reliability, production rate and decreasing human error. It provides optimum cost of operation as the need of labor gets reduced. This field aims at replacing human decision-making and manual command–response activities with logical programming commands and mechanized equipment. Industrial robotics is a sub-branch of industrial automation. Industrial robots are the automated robot systems used in manufacturing processes. The use of these robots increases the safety level as it replaces personnel with machines in hazardous working conditions. Emerging technologies include automated mining, logistics automation and programmable logic controllers. The topics covered in this extensive book deal with the core aspects of industrial automation. The various sub-fields along with technological progress that have future implications are glanced at in it. This book will provide comprehensive knowledge to the readers.