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Current Research in Herbal Medicine




Cameron James



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Medical Science - Complementary and Alternative Medicine


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A plant or a part of a plant which is utilized for its therapeutic properties is termed as an herb. The branch of complementary medicine which makes use of biologically active natural products for the treatment and management of various diseases is termed as herbal medicine. It can also be used to boost health and immunity. Along with parts of plants, it can also encompass minerals, shells and fungal products. One of the fundamental aspects of herbal medicine is the usage of unrefined plant and animal extracts, with minimal processing. It is believed within this field that less processing makes the products safer and more effective. Such selected concepts that redefine herbal medicine have been presented in this book. There has been rapid progress in this field and its applications are finding their way across multiple industries. Those in search of information to further their knowledge will be greatly assisted by this book.