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Handbook of Tourism and Travel Behavior




Lawrence Horton



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Tourism and Hotel Management - Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality


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Tourism is the business of operating tours as well as attracting, accommodating and entertaining tourists. It can be domestic or international. Tourism industry is a significant source of income for many regions as well as countries. Tourism is essential for nations due to its social, economic, cultural and educational impacts on national societies and their international relations. It also creates employment opportunities in the service sector. Travel behavior is the complex decision-making process of travelers regarding travel route choice, destination choice and departure time choice during a trip. It is crucial to understand and have adequate knowledge about the travel behavior of tourists. This book picks up individual branches of tourism and explains their need and contribution in the context of a growing economy. It explores all the important aspects of tourism and travel behavior in the present day scenario. This book aims to serve as a resource guide for students and experts alike and contribute to the growth of the discipline.