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Legal and Social Activism: Transnational Reforms




Tammy Ellington


States Academic Press



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Law, Criminology and Forensics - Law


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Activism is an intentional action by an individual to bring about social or political change. Social activism involves working with other people to bring about a change in the society. Legal activism, also called judicial activism, refers to the practice of using the courts' authority to examine state's actions. Transnational legal activism refers to a type of activism that is practiced by local and transnational human rights NGOs or other social entities, which involve the increased use of international legal instruments for the recognition and protection of human rights. Transnational social activism involves mobilization of collective claims by social activists belonging to two or more countries, and such claims are addressed to more than one national government or international organizations. Transnational legal activism is aimed at remediating individual abuses in addition to re-politicizing law and re-legalizing human rights politics by invoking and bringing international courts and quasi-judicial systems of human rights to act upon the national and local juridical-political arena. This book explores all the important aspects of transnational reforms with respect to legal and social activism. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. The book will serve as a valuable source of reference for graduate and postgraduate students.