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Leadership: Strategy and Tactics




George Walker



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The capability of an individual, a group or an organization to influence or guide other individuals or organizations for the accomplishment of a specific goal is termed as leadership. Various theories like the leader member exchange theory, functional theory, integrated psychological theory, etc. focus on defining the traits of a successful leader. Some of the important factors which affect the quality of leadership are assertiveness, authenticity, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, social motivation and character strength. Traits which negatively affect leadership qualities are narcissism, arrogance, self-absorption and over confidence. The styles of leadership can be classified into various types such as authoritarian leadership, democratic leadership, laissez-faire, paternalism, servant leadership, and task oriented and relationship oriented leadership. The topics included in this book on leadership are of utmost significance and bound to provide incredible insights to readers. Such selected concepts that redefine leadership have been presented herein. Coherent flow of topics, student-friendly language and extensive use of examples make this book an invaluable source of knowledge.