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Understanding Animal Husbandry




Florence Carter



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Botany, Plant Science and Agriculture - Livestock Management and Dairy Farming


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The branch of agriculture which is concerned with the animals raised for obtaining their meat, milk, fiber, eggs and other products is known as animal husbandry. Practices related to livestock management and selective breeding are essential parts of this discipline. A large number of industries such as the milk and dairy industry, honey manufacturing, silk farming, etc. are dependent on animal husbandry. According to the animal being raised, animal husbandry practices are classified into dairy farming, fish farming, poultry farming, and bee farming. Rearing of animals can be done both extensively and intensively. In extensive farming, animals are allowed to roam freely across the farm. Intensive farming practices involve the use of cages, barns, high density feedlots and climate controlled buildings for rearing of animals. This book unfolds the innovative aspects of animal husbandry which will be crucial for a holistic understanding of the subject matter. It is compiled in such a manner, that it will provide in-depth knowledge about the theory and practice of this field. This book will serve as a source of information to a broad spectrum of readers.