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Veterinary Infection: Causes, Diagnosis and Control




Ryan Jaxon



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Veterinary Science and Medicine - Veterinary Science and Medicine


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Infections majorly arise due to the invasion and proliferation of microorganisms, typically bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoans. Infections not only affect animal health but also transmit the causative agents to mankind. These infections arise majorly due to poor sanitation and invasion of infected animals in the breed. Poor attention to infection control can result in the death of animals. Control measures like good diet, good animal practice and hygienic environment can help in the prevention and control of infection. Diagnostic methods can include biochemical and behavioral tests. Increasing concern about antimicrobial resistance and infections are bringing public health practitioners and veterinarians together. This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of veterinary science. It elucidates the concepts and innovative models around prospective developments with respect to veterinary infection causes, diagnosis and control. For all those who are interested in veterinary science and medicine, this book can prove to be an essential guide.