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Tourism Destination Management




Wendy Perez



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Tourism and Hotel Management - Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality


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The various activities which are involved when people travel and stay away from their houses for various purposes, such as leisure and business, fall under tourism. A destination refers to any geographical area in which tourism is a prominent activity and where the revenue generated by tourism has a significant impact on the economy. Destination management is a part of tourism management which involves the management of all the different aspects of a destination. These encompass accommodation, events, transportation, activities, environmental issues and local resources. It can also involve business permits, zoning controls and land use planning. This book attempts to understand the multiple branches that fall under the discipline of tourism destination management and how such concepts have practical applications. It picks up individual branches and explains their need and contribution in the context of a growing economy. Those in search of information to further their knowledge will be greatly assisted by this book.